Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Outfit

On Saturday I went to a Sheffield Lolita meet. The plan was to go to a Mad Hatter’s Tea Party family concert and then for food/cake so I decided to do a Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland themed outfit. I made a few items to go with my outfit using various online tutorials which I thought some of you may find more interesting than me just doing a standard outfit shot post.

Event Link:

I already owned an Alice in Wonderland print skirt from Bodyline so I decided to base the rest of my outfit around that.


As the event was the Mad Hatter I decided to make a mini hat so I tried as best as I could to find ribbon in the right shade of pink, then I had some Easter bunnies that looked a lot like the rabbit on the skirt and I added some playing cards in the hat band rather than the standard price card the mad hatter had. The tutorial I used is by Thread Banger’s (they have some awesome tutorials & ideas so I strongly recommend having a nosey on their youtube). I attached my hat to a hair band though rather than ribbon.

Mini Top Hat Tutorial Link:

IMG_6489 IMG_6490 IMG_6491

I then made a simple necklace using a toy bunny that I had, bead cord, some star beads, 2 heart beads and a piece of thin ribbon tied in a bow. I tried to match in with the colours from the bottom of the skirt and again the rabbit looks a lot like the one on the skirt – another happy coincidence.


I then needed a bag and ages ago for another Alice themed event I bought a white rabbit plush toy off ebay with the aim of turning it in to a bag but didn’t get around to it then so I did it now. These tutorials are the best I found, I couldn’t turn my rabbit fully inside out so I followed a mixture of the two tutorials.

Bunny Bag Tutorial:

Monkey Backpack Tutorial:

IMG_6500 DSC07530

The rabbit I used is by bear factory and I bought him really cheap second-hand from ebay. He was in lovely condition too. To try and tie him in more to my outfit I used the free bow I got from Little Mizz Kitty (mentioned in a previous post) and turned it in to a bowtie by taking it off the clip and sewing on to some ribbon. Then I just added a black blouse and was ready to go. The event itself was ok, it was all classical music but they had tried to involve the kids by singing songs from the Disney film and bursting balloons etc. I think they could have done with a few more interactive bits really as the kids soon got bored in between (I don’t blame them, classical music isn’t really my thing either). It was all good silly fun though and the other Loli’s were lovely. We then went for cake (not surprising), did some shopping, took photos and lastly went for pizza. We had loads of people commenting on how nice they thought we looked, in fact we didn’t really get anything negative said all day, well some drunk guy was mumbling something but I have no idea what he said so it may have been a nice comment. It also didn’t rain and wasn’t too cold so overall it was a great day.

DSC07559 484843_10151537984028366_557543969_n 922925_10151538004503366_497126580_n


One thought on “Mad Hatter/Alice in Wonderland Outfit

  1. I really like how you turned the stuffed bunny into a bag, I always need a bag and it’s pretty hard sometimes to find one that fits your costume.

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