Bodyline Carousel Horse JSK (in black) – Review

I have my bodyline JSK eventually, it turned out that it was actually delivered Tuesday (which is when I did my last post)but late in the afternoon and the postman for some reason didn’t ring the bell so I had no idea it was there. Luckily I spotted it before it started to rain heavy. Anyway, on to the review. I was unlucky this time with my order as I got a customs charge but it does mean I can now explain this better on my blog. I ordered the dress from Bodyline and it was shipped by air on Tuesday 30th April. On Friday the 10th May (1 week 3 days later) I received a card through the door from Royal Mail saying I needed to pay customs. I think the slight delay with this item as supposed to the others is because it was more expensive and so took longer to get through customs etc. This is the card you get:

back of card front card

The JSK cost just over £29 including shipping as I checked out in yen, it would have been £36 if I paid in GBP. I then got a fee of £4.70 on the item and the £8 Royal Mail handling fee which brings it to a total of £12.70 extra to pay which really bumps the full cost of the item up. I think the best way is probably to buy a few items in one go as it sort of splits the cost between them then. I paid my customs fee via credit card on the Sunday night and my item arrived late Tuesday afternoon. It came in a standard grey plastic packet and then was folded up inside a bodyline bag.

When I took it out obviously it’s very creased so will need an iron before wearing it. It comes with a bow to pin on the front but I always think they are bit too heavy and large for that so I usually turn them into a head bow instead. On closer inspection of the design I noticed a black mark across the head of one of the horses and then there’s a couple more smaller black marks further along the design. To be honest it’s not that noticeable but it is a bit disappointing, especially after being hit with customs too. I don’t think it will come out as I’m pretty sure it has happened at the factory during printing, I’m fairly certain its some of the black dye that’s got on it rather than oil or dirt. Apart from that it’s lovely, I like the fabric, colours, design and all the little details like the ends of the waist ties. It’s really pretty and I can’t wait to wear it! It’s also a great price really if you can avoid the customs fee or split the cost between a few items.

l144-2IMAG0995 IMAG0996 IMAG0997 IMAG0999 IMAG1000 IMAG1002 IMAG1003 IMAG1004



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