Lolita Makeover Experience

Hey Everyone,

Sorry my blog has been quiet for a little while, I had intended doing a couple of reviews but my items haven’t arrived yet 😦 One got hit with a customs charge so that’s been delayed and the other one Royal Mail seem to have decided to return to the sender rather than give to me – no idea quite what’s happening there currently. Also its turning out to be a very busy month for me with a Lolita meet last weekend, this coming weekend and then MCM the weekend after! It should mean I have lots of pictures to share with you though!

In the mean time here’s an interesting article that Tokyo Fashion did about a Lolita makeover experience that’s located in Harajuku. It looks like so much fun! Check out the video on the page too.

I will try and put together a very basic style introduction post on Lolita fashion soon too – its probably the best known Japanese street fashion and there’s loads of in depth information around online so it will be more about pointing you in the right direction & covering key points so you know where to start 🙂


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