Bodyline’s petticoat/pannier skirt – Review

I have bought a few items from Bodyline over time including their cute petticoats, which work great for Fairy Kei, so as my new one arrived at the start of the month I thought I would do a very quick review for you  🙂 This review covers some info & tips about buying from Bodyline in general which hopefully is useful to some of you.

I already own 2 of these skirts, one in purple and one in blue, but I regretted not choosing the yellow one so I decided to purchase it recently. I opted for the cheaper shipping option so it was posted on a Tuesday (23 April) and arrived here on Wed 1 May, it took roughly a week to arrive – which I think is really good. You get given a tracking number too so you can see where your parcel is.

It’s really easy and straight forward to buy from Bodyline – there are a few things to be aware of though. If you buy items from outside of Europe that cost £15 or more (including the postage) you may have to pay a customs fee. What the fee is will depend on how much you spend but you will have to pay at least £8 which is Royal Mail’s handling fee. So it will be £8 handling fee + your customs percentage charge. If you pay for the more expensive shipping  option then it comes by Parcel Force who also charge a handling fee and it usually incurs a customs fee too (whereas by air it sometimes gets through without). Also if you change the currency to Yen before going to your basket to check out it saves you money, why it does I’m not sure, but I saved £6 on a dress I bought so that’s like getting the item with free shipping.

Price of Skirt is £11 plus the Air Fee of £6 makes the total £17 however the full amount I paid through paypal was £14.23 of course this will vary depending on exchange rates but the fact is that by checking out in yen I saved £2.77 It wasn’t a lot of money in this case, but it’s still a saving and it kept it below the £15. Of course you can always buy a few items in one go which as the air fee is a set price of £6 means you are saving on that but it does mean you are more likely to have to pay customs. I never know what’s best to do, anyway back to the actual review.

It came in a standard grey plastic postage envelope and then the skirt was inside a simple clear bag.

IMAG0960 IMAG0962

The skirt is made from two layers of a fine meshy fabric and has cute little bows on it and coloured trim around the bottom. The elastic is nice and stretchy so fits a range of sizes easily. It is very thin and see-through so needs to be worn over something like leggings or shorts. They also work quite well under short skirts made of a light fabric but don’t work well for Lolita as they aren’t strong or long enough. The elastic is a thin clear strip sewn on to the inside of the skirt so may not be overly comfy against your skin but if you wear it over something else it will be fine.

IMAG0963 IMAG0966 IMAG0967pan013-2

Personally I am very happy with my purchase. There are probably similar skirts on ebay that would be cheaper and then you could just add bows and trim but personally I didn’t want the extra work plus trying to find the right coloured ribbon & trim is not too easy as I live in a more rural area.


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