Little Mizz Kitty – Review

Little Mizz Kitty hand crafts super cute Fairy Kei & Lolita accessories at an affordable price. I’ve bought a few items from her before (in person & from her etsy page) – a pink fuzzy star, yellow fuzzy moon, purple pastel star bat bracelet and lavender polka dot bow ring. All of her items have been crafted to a high standard and finished off nicely. Posted items have always been packed up well and in super cute bags.

On Thursday afternoon I purchased a couple of items from her etsy and they arrived this morning (Saturday). She has been running a promotion for April where if you buy an item you get a free mini hair bow. The items came in a standard small padded envelope. The total paid for the items including postage was £6.85 They were then inside cute little bags, one was hello kitty & the other had hearts on. The finish on the shimmery pink bows is really nice, I love the colours & the fabric. The pastel star bracelet is quite small, it fits me ok but it doesn’t have a lot of stretch when trying to get it on over your hand. Its fine once it’s on my wrist though. If you don’t have small wrists you may want to order a slightly bigger size. The free bow is super cute and was free so I can’t really complain about it. I do worry the edge of the ribbon will fray quite badly over time as its fraying a bit now & the gem stone isn’t quite central but like I said – it was free & and its cute! The packets actual price to post was 69p so not a massive mark up on the postage especially as there are fees to pay through etsy too. I’m happy with my items, I would give her  5/5.

2 little Shimmery Pink Starry Hair Bow – £4
Pastel Star Bracelet fairy kei – £2
Small pink bow – Free
Postage – 85p

IMG_6467 IMG_6474


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