Style Introduction : Fairy Kei

As the weather is eventually starting to get warmer and everywhere has summer stock in I thought it seemed like a good time to introduce this style. Fairy kei (fairly style), also known as Pop Kei or SPANK! is characterised by its use of pretty pastel colours and 80’s retro themed items and prints. SPANK! is a Japanese fashion brand that pretty much started the Fairy Kei style hence why it’s sometimes called that too. It’s a super cute girly fashion, great for wearing in warmer weather plus its quite easy to get hold of high-street items that will work with the style making it a lot cheaper than some of the other Japanese street fashions. As for the colour palette I like to think of it as ice-cream shades, really delicate pale pastels in all the colours of the rainbow. If you can find items that incorporate more than one or two pastel colours it makes it much easier to add extra colours in to the mix. Usually the outfits are quite layered and involve a mixture of textures, often with cute floaty or puffy tutu skirts.

I recommend this blog for more reading, inspiration and tips:

I will be doing a post on how to get the look for anyone interested in trying it out or learning a bit more about the style.

Strawberry-Planet-Mello-Moco-Tomo-2012-10-037-600x900 Suiya-DecoLa-Hopping-Harajuku-2012-12-15-DSC0977-600x900 TK-2010-06-20-006-003-Harajuku-600x900 TK-2011-02-20-015-001-Harajuku-600x900 tumblr_mld3pmA1r61snkbjao1_500

(All photos are from Tokyo Fashion)


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