Wig Review – Part Three: More expensive/specialist wigs

Bubblegum Pink Wavy Twin Tails Wig, Dreamy Store, £35 plus postage


Dreamy Store specialise in wigs for Lolita, Fairy Kei and other Japanese street styles. Currently they are no-longer running as a business but I believe they are supposed to be aiming to re-launch this year. I bought this wig in their sale for £20 plus £3.60. It’s a lovely colour and is super soft. The main base wig is not quite as curly as it was as I had to comb it through after wearing it but it’s not bad. Also I have trimmed the fringe and I didn’t do a great job, oops. The synthetic fibre is soft and smooth, hardly tangles at all, it feels like its nice and strong. The clip on falls aren’t too heavy to wear either and don’t mess the wig up underneath. Its not really shiny either. Really happy with this wig, plus its such a pretty colour!

(I was testing out my outfit for the weekend with it hence the large bow & dress)

IMG_6229 IMG_6230 IMG_6233 IMG_6235 IMG_6244 IMG_6250

Lilac Wavy Twin Tails Wig, Dreamy Store, £35 plus postage


I bought this one in the sale too for £20 plus £3.60 as I loved the pink so much and this is just such a lovely shade of lilac purple. This wig is not of the same quality though, its not as soft as the pink and has a more greasy appearance/texture to it. I don’t know if this is just from manufacturing and will improve if I wash it. The fibre isn’t quite the same either its not as strong and smooth, is more plastic-y and the curls are a bit crunchy/stiff as if they are coated in something, having said that though its still really pretty and is a lovely colour. I haven’t trimmed the fringe on this one.

IMG_6313 IMG_6314 IMG_6323 IMG_6324 IMG_6331

Wavy medium Blonde mix with twin tails, Cosplay Wigs USA now Gothic Lolita Wigs
$56 plus $8.50 roughly £42.50 total


I bought this quite a while ago when the company was just getting going with their Lolita wig range. They have a massive range of styles and colours now and have branched out further with their sister company Rockstar Wigs. I hear a lot of mixed reviews about the quality of their wigs, as I only have one I can’t really comment on this currently. Also I’ve only worn it once (for about 8hours or so) so I don’t know how well they wear. Personally I am happy with mine. I trimmed the fringe on this one too and again didn’t do the best job so I won’t be doing anymore. Its very full – has lots of hair on it even the fringe is very full, its made from strong, smooth and very soft fibre. It isn’t super shiny, is a nice shade of blonde so is fairly natural in colour, is comfy to wear and fits on my head ok. I can’t really fault it. Also I apologise as I forgot to take any photos of it with the falls, I will try and sort this at some point. They are very expensive, some of them I think are definitely overpriced. I suggest reading more reviews on this specific company, especially from people who have bought wigs more recently in case their quality isn’t as good as it used to be.

IMG_6254 IMG_6257 IMG_6259

Blue & Black Dread Wig, Headrazor, £30 plus £4 postage


I bought it from their ebay store but I believe you can buy them from other places too. I can’t remember what I paid but I think it must have been about the same as it is now. I’m happy with this wig, with the right accessories or by styling it slightly I think it could easily look more like you have extensions rather than that you are wearing a wig. Its really long and not too heavy. Its all backcombed at the top so you can’t see the wig cap or anything. The fringe is maybe a bit thin and looks more like synthetic fibre than real hair but I think overall it’s a great wig and its not a bad price either.

IMG_6337 IMG_6341 IMG_6348 IMG_6350 IMG_6355

And that concludes my wig review section, I hope you have enjoyed reading it and found some of the information useful. Over time as I wear the wigs more I may be able to do an update on how well they actually wear too.


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