Wig Review – Part Two: Geisha Wigs

Geisha Wigs is a fairly new company based in the UK. The business owner is a lovely lady and she works extremely hard all by herself. Her aims are to offer decent products at as cheap a price as she can. I have bought 4 wigs from Geisha Wigs so far. My first purchase was for a set of twin curly black clip-on hair falls and matching clip on side swept fringe for £10 plus £2.70 postage. They arrived very quickly and I was happy with the quality and service, you can see the falls modelled with my black wig lower down. They are no longer sold though as they are easily available from a lot of other places plus lots of the wigs come with clip on falls anyway. The only downside to buying from Geisha Wigs is that as she buys her wigs in from various suppliers abroad not all the wigs are always in stock. Sometimes her suppliers can let her down or items can get stuck in customs for longer than expected so although there is a guide time for how long out of stock wigs take to arrive this time is not always accurate. I have only ever bought wigs that are in stock and they usually take around 3days or so to arrive. She is very hands on and personable though and although it can sometimes take a little while to get a problem sorted due to how busy she is I’ve found her to be incredibly helpful and understanding. Also she often holds bidding sales through facebook which allows you to get wigs for less than the site price, depending on how many people bid and regularly has discount codes too. Plus I believe generally that postage costs are combined and that quite often a free net wig cap is included with the purchase of a wig so really can’t go wrong!

Black Waves, Geisha Wigs, £19 plus £3 postage


This was the first actual wig that I bought from Geisha Wigs and I got a wig stand and wig comb at the same time. I actually only paid £15 for the wig plus £2.70 postage as I believe she had ordered in more of this style than intended and so sold some off a bit cheaper, I can’t quite remember. It was something like that. I bought it off the actual bigcartel site (the falls I got through facebook) and check out was easy enough, the only issue is it didn’t combine postage. I had to message her via the site to get the extra refunded, it took a couple of emails and days to get it sorted but only because she’s so busy. I don’t like how this sits in my head, it looks very un-natural and also its not got a lot of hair sewn on the wig cap, in some place its very thin. If they are all like that or not I can’t confirm but mine is very thin on the top. Luckily I generally intend wearing it with the wavy falls (which are massive, they have loads of hair on them) so its not going to cause much of a problem. The fibre is nice and soft though plus the curls are also soft, not crunchy or stiff like on some wigs that coat them in something.

IMG_6264 IMG_6266 IMG_6268 IMG_6277 IMG_6278 IMG_6289
Duchess, Geisha Wigs, £22 plus £3 postage


Bought in a bidding sale where I actually paid £26 for it, it retailed at £25 at the time but I also won Toffee at the same time for less than the retail price and got combined postage so I didn’t mind too much. It’s a shame its come down so much now, I think this is mainly due to the fact it’s a very hard style to pull off. It looks lovely on the head in the stock photo but when worn does not look as pretty. Its also way too pale for my complexion so I am actually trying to sell this wig on, this is harder now as its cheaper to buy now than what I paid. I also had issues with the first one that I bought as it was a frizzy knotted mess and wavy rather than having tight ringlets. I sent an email with photos explaining the problem and she sent me a pre-paid packet out to send the other back and a new replacement wig. No idea what had happened to the first one, she was going to take the issue up with her supplier. The wig itself is nice and soft and has a decent amount of hair on it, no cap showing through anywhere but I don’t think it can really worn just as the base wig without the falls as it would look odd. I have some bad photos of it being worn as like I said I decided as soon as I tried it on that it didn’t work and it just looks awful on me. I think on the right person though it could look super cute!

IMAG0574 IMAG0576

Toffee, Geisha Wigs, £19 plus £3 postage

This is my second favourite wig, its super cute, fits nicely, looks fairly natural and is a lovely colour. I won it in the bidding sale with Duchess and paid £15. I think its super cute and really easy to wear as with it being shorter it won’t rub against clothing or get in your way as much as the long wigs do. Probably work well for spring/summer (if we ever get any warm weather). It has a decent amount of hair on the wig cap too, only downside is I think it got a bit squashed when it was shipped over to the UK so it doesn’t lie quite right slightly at one side near the top but I think overtime and with wear this will correct itself.

IMG_6413 IMG_6414 IMG_6418 IMG_6421

Fallen Leaves, Geisha Wigs, £19 plus £3 postage


This is my latest purchase from Geisha Wigs and is my favourite. I won it in a bidding sale (are you spotting a theme?) so I actually got it for £15 plus £2.70 postage as the postal prices hadn’t got up then. I just love everything about it from the style, colour, shape of the fringe to the quality of the fibre and fit. I think it looks quite natural and would be perfect for a more boho, fairy, elven maiden look. Its also really long and has a very gentle wave to it and is nice and light to wear. It also has pretty good hair coverage on the wig base cap and the braiding around the back is super cute. I can’t wait to wear it out!

IMG_6211 IMG_6216 IMG_6217 IMG_6220


2 thoughts on “Wig Review – Part Two: Geisha Wigs

  1. I wait for a wig to arrive since February for Newcastle Comic-Con. However when I emailed her she said she’d send another one…. Didn’t arrive and I was soooooo upset I couldn’t finish my costume.
    She sent me an email later saying sorry my reply was in her junk box. What on earth ?
    Nice wigs though.

    • Oh no! What a nightmare. I think the business grew really fast and sometimes she struggles to meet demand and keep up. I’m glad to hear it got sorted out though.

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