Wig Review – Part One: ebay

Hi Everyone.
So sorry for the delay in posting my wig review. I’ve been having a few issues, also I have decided to split it into parts to make it easier. I also apologise for some of the photos too, they didn’t all turn out as well as I had hoped and I really should have worn more makeup, I hope you get an idea of the difference between wigs though anyway. The first part covers ebay wigs. As you generally have to buy wigs online its quite difficult to decide where to get them from, especially as some wigs are very expensive. I thought seeing as I owned 11 wigs and have bought from different places it may be useful if I did a quick review for you all plus it gives you an idea of just how different you can look. Also, unless stated, all I have done is take the wig out the packet, given it a bit of a shake and put it on. With a bit of restyling/changing how you part it or adding hair accessories/hats etc it can look a lot different. Also I haven’t done any fancy makeup or lighting, I’ve taken the pictures in natural daylight, to try and show you them as they are on as blank a canvas as possible.

Wigs from ebay:

Wigs from ebay can be quite hit and miss but they can be bought quite cheaply and would work for fancy dress or Cosplays. I haven’t tried buying any of the more expensive wigs off ebay so I’m sure some sellers have some lovely quality ones, best bet is to read the seller reviews and maybe do a bit of research on google to see if anyone recommends particular sites etc.

The first three wigs I ever bought came from ebay years ago and I was really happy with them at the time as they were so much nicer than cheap nasty fancy dress wigs. Once I bought some better quality wigs though I soon realised that actually they are very shiny, not made of the best quality synthetic hair and didn’t have a lot of hair coverage on the cap etc so I soon got rid of two of them. One thing I will point out though is that really cheap and nasty fancy dress wigs like those made by Smiffys retail at £6 upwards and can cost as much as £20 (maybe more) so even though my wigs from ebay weren’t the best they were still a lot nicer than those and better value for money. You can always add more hair to wigs too by buying hair extensions and sewing them on, there will be lots of tutorials around online I’m sure.

Pink & Black choppy Cosplay wig, from onlywig, ebay £18 (free shipping)


This is the third wig I bought from ebay years ago. It came from Hong Kong and took about two weeks or so to arrive. I paid £15.99 for it as I bought it ages ago but it now retails at £18. Its made from Kanekalon Fibre which means it can be styled on a low heat setting – this is the best synthetic material to get. I suggest when buying wigs from ebay that its made from this. Overall the wig is ok, its not got a lot of hair on it so if not careful when styling/wearing it the wig cap could show, also its not the softest fibre going and doesn’t look very natural due to the shaping of it. Its quite backcombed at the top too to try and help cover the cap which will make certain styles difficult. I’m going to restyle it though and add some more pink etc to use for more Cosplay/fun dressing up outfits. 

IMG_6366 IMG_6381 IMG_6370 IMG_6358

Pink & Purple split with detachable twin tails, from skcos_shop , ebay $35.99 USD plus $13.00 shipping which is roughly £30.63 in total


I bought this wig quite a while ago as it had the twin clip on tails and was a two colour split, it looked really pretty in the listing. It was also cheaper then anywhere else that I could find at the time – you can buy them lots of places now. Its not the best quality, feels a bit plasticy and doesn’t have a lot of hair coverage on the cap. Also one of the clip on falls seems to be longer than the other which isn’t great. Its quite cute though and is fairly light to wear even with the ponytails added. Doesn’t have the defined bob shape when worn though, so doesn’t really look like the stock photo, also like nearly every wig I buy the fringe is way too long. Now retails at $19.99 with $13.90 shipping which is quite a bit less than I paid at the time. Came from Hong Kong, took around two weeks or so to arrive.

IMG_6292 IMG_6295 IMG_6299 IMG_6310 IMG_6312

Long brown wavy wig with detachable twin tails (not pictured), from hongxia518 , ebay £14.50 (free shipping)

I trimmed the fringe slightly on this one. I actually didn’t photograph this one on the same day as the others as I already had quite a few pics of it – when looking through my photos though I realised none showed it very well so I may add some new pics of this at some point and with the falls. Its from China, got here fine, didn’t take too long. I’m not sure what material this is made from, its quite a soft and fine fibre so I worry that with more wear it will start to frizz and tangle quite bad and that I can’t restyle it again once it loses the waves. I can’t really comb it either like I can some of my other wigs as the strands are too thin/fine it will just knot badly. Also I’m not sure it can be styled with heat, I don’t think the listing stated what it was made from but it was so cheap I wasn’t too worried. Its nice and light to wear, I love the way the fringe is shaped and it sits quite nicely on my head. I really like this wig. The seller doesn’t seem to have any wigs for sale currently so I can’t add a stock image or link.

17766_10151257160192752_214512584_n 184558_10151318184719260_484511199_n 394129_10151194214277752_480875661_n IMG_5254


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