Its all about wigs…

Hello Japanese Fashion Fans,

As I mentioned before April is my month of embracing fashion and trying something new – currently its not going too well as I’ve not really had chance to go anywhere. However I’ve been doing some Spring cleaning and discovered that I have quite a few wigs (11) so today I decided to try them all on and take some photos so I can do a mini wig review for you all. Wigs are a key feature in a lot of the Japanese street fashions and they are so much simpler than trying to style your own hair plus you can change your hair colour, style and length everyday if you wanted (and had enough wigs). They can also be much cheaper than visiting the hairdresser too. It will take me a bit of time to upload & sort the photos and type it all up but hopefully I will have that for you in a couple of days.

Tomorrow I am going in to town so I will check out the weather and decide on an outfit that fits in with my fashion month theme. I’m also going to a local small Anime & Manga event at the weekend so I should have some sweet Lolita co-ord photos for you and photos of any other lovely fashionable people I bump in to. Stay Tuned!


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