Fashion Style Introduction – Shiro-Nuri

As I’ve already done a couple of posts touching on Shiro-Nuri I thought it made sense to pick it as the first fashion style to cover.

Shiro-Nuri (white painted skin) is one of many Japanese subcultures. A crucial element of this style is to have a white painted face, similar to that of a Geisha’s, but then the actual makeup and clothing varies widely depending on the tastes of the individual. Minori, who is a famous Shiro-Nuri artist and model in Japan takes a lot of influence from nature and traditional Japanese culture and generally wears pale light floaty fabrics and more vintage fashion rather than other Shironuri’s who prefer a more gothic or grotesque look.

How to get the look:

I suggest starting by looking at lots of Shironuri images online and doing further research on the style first. Then a good idea would be to decide what direction you wish to take and where your main inspiration will come from. For example do you wish to mix vintage styles, have a more monster/Halloween theme, do gothic, be more doll like – thinking about this will help you decide on your makeup theme and also with where to start shopping for clothing.

Invest in a decent white foundation and start experimenting with makeup, again there are lots of tutorials online so maybe watch those for inspiration too.

Shopping – you may decide that you don’t need to do much shopping as you can just incorporate the Shironuri makeup in to your current style. Otherwise look on sites like ebay, check out high-street stores to see what they have, maybe visit vintage stores, try online sales groups on facebook, local carboots, charity shops etc – you never know what you just might find. Or you could even try making your own items or customising things you own or find. Maybe invest in some fancy eyelashes or wigs.
As there’s no set style when it comes to clothing it gives you a lot of freedom and can be done on a budget.

For further information I suggest checking out this blog:


Photo of Minori taken from


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