Minori’s World

Today I would like to share this lovely video with you, it also follows on nicely from my last post and again is by Tokyo Fashion News. This video is of the lovely Japanese shironuri artist Minori. This video really shows the combination of fashion and art working together to become one. She’s like a living piece of art and her photos & outfits are truly beautiful. She also has reasons for everything that she wears, it has a purpose and a balance which seems to be very important in Japan. In a lot of the street snaps when the person describes their theme or the purpose of their outfit you can get an idea of just how well thought out it is – I never plan my outfits like that, I think it’s a nice way of doing it. Maybe that’s something I should try more, perhaps when the weather is a bit nicer I could do more spring themed outfits based on the colours of spring or something, that’s if we finally get some spring weather anyway. This video just really inspires me and makes me want to play around with makeup, hair and clothes  more, to do something more creative and put more thought in to my outfits.



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