Kawaii TV – On This Weekend

I’m sure lots of you already know about this awesome programme but for those that don’t then I would like to introduce Kawaii International. If you have an interest in any of the Japanese street fashions then this is the show for you. They describe themselves as “Kawaii.i brings you the latest in Tokyo’s fashion and Anime/Manga trends from Japan”. It’s a super cute show that airs on NHK World which can be watched online or via satellite TV all over the world. They actually did some filming here in the UK at the Hyper Japan Christmas convention too. Not only do they cover all sorts of styles but they cover where to shop in Japan, latest trends, hair/makeup/beauty tips, do makeovers, chat to shop girls and models, the list is endless! Also its on this weekend March 29/30 so make sure to check it out this weekend!

Visit NHK World here to check how to watch in your country and to find out when it will be on:

This is the NHK page for Kawaii International:

They also have a facebook page which posts all sorts of information including reminding when the next show will air:


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