Why Today…

I have started this blog today for a couple of reasons.

1). I have a tumblr but what I have realised is that I like to blog. I like to have lots of words and a few images within the same post and tumblr just isn’t really the place for that. Its much better for sharing images or tiny bits of info/news etc. So that’s why I’m using this blog.

2). As covered in my previous post I commented on how everyone looks the same and its not always easy to break the mould. I have low self confidence and sometimes struggle to face the world as it is so going out in a bold fashion style is a massive thing to do. The trouble is I see these people online who do go out in what they want and I own all this stuff that just sits in my wardrobe because I’m scared to go out in it. I’ve had enough, I want to embrace these styles before I get too old and actually live my life and not have regrets. As part of my New Year’s Resolution I decided I wanted to dress more like me and wear stuff that I don’t usually and which just sits in the wardrobe….currently this hasn’t gone well. Therefore after coming across an inspirational blog by the lovely Andrew O’Neil I decided to pick a month and make an effort to be brave and wear something new and different and make more of an effort. April is this month – how it will go I really have no idea but I guess we will find out!


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