What is my blog about….

I’m sure you would like to know what my blog will be about and more about why I have decided to start it.

I’m hugely influenced by Japanese popular culture and especially their fashion. The Japanese youth are so creative, brave, colourful, experimental, playful and cute with their fashion, they think outside the box and I just find it really inspirational! They have all these different fashion trends that originate in various parts of Tokyo and are clearly defined by certain elements, I don’t think any other country has this.

I’m so bored with fashion here in the UK, it’s hard to find anything different and we don’t seem to have any clear defined fashion styles anymore. Another worrying trend I’ve found is that a lot of more alternative fashions seem to be disappearing, I don’t know if this is a safety issue, but I hardly see any alternative people about lately. People don’t seem to make an effort anymore either when going out to events, to see bands, for dinner… its all getting really boring! I walk around town and see nothing exciting, everyone seems to be becoming clones and it makes me sad. I want to see more individual expression, people having fun with fashion and enjoying life, if a greater range of styles existed on the streets and it was no-longer unusual to see someone dressed differently I think people would feel safer too. Plus think how lovely the world would look with people making an effort and breaking the mould.

One problem is that the high street stores all stock the ‘in trend’ so every shop you go in tends to have pretty much the same stuff which not only makes it almost impossible sometimes to find things when they aren’t on trend but means all our youth start to look the same. Its almost like a lot of people here are zombies and don’t think for themselves so they just follow what is dictated to them by society and whatever  the high street tells them.


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